Monday, March 23, 2009

No Recession In Network Marketing?

Every day we are hearing about job loses, business closings, downsizings, bankruptcies and foreclosers. Not to mention the increasing costs of just about everything it takes to survive these days. Rising gas prices, utility costs, food and shelter just to name a few. I like to point out that price increases have a ripple effect. The first guy has to increase his prices, then so does the next, and the next and the next. Funny thing is though, when the economic “storm” is over, the price of everything never seems to come back down. Funny how that works, isn’t it? But there is a way to help supplement your income to help pay for all the increased costs, and that way is through Network Marketing.

During tougher economic times, there is always a renewed awareness of the need to make more money. People are looking for new financial opportunities. An opportunity where they can start a business that doesn’t require a lot of capital, one that allows them to work at their own pace and offers rewards that can grow rapidly.

You may wonder that in these economic times people are not in the market for a new product, much less invest money in starting a business. They may think they need to keep thousands of dollars of merchandise on hand and go door-to-door, store-to-store, floor-to-floor ‘til there ain’t no more to sell, sell, sell. This is not the case anymore.

The Network Marketing industry is changing and there are newer, exciting and more effective methods available to build your business. It’s an exciting industry offering unlimited opportunities, and as sole owner of your company, you hold the key to the success level you choose. The harder you work, the greater the rewards. There is no such thing as “get rich quick”, and if you find a company that says you will……run! They are not the type of company you want to do business with. You want to be involved with a company who has a solid background and a proven track record. A company that offers a superior product line and a generous compensation plan.

Many people are opening up to new opportunities that will generate extra streams of income for them and their families and Network Marketing can help. You can work part-time and at your own pace, and you don’t need to give up your current job to become a success in the business. If you’re worried about your job security and financial future, Network Marketing can help take the stress of those uncertainties away. Now is the time to protect yourself from an uncertain future. Now is the time for Network Marketing.

No recession in Network Marketing? You bet there isn’t!

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As an aside, according to the March-April 2009 issue of Living Well, “for over 27 years AIM has been sending out thousands of commission cheques to AIM Members as compensation for their accomplishments. The commission figure is more than $562 million and climbing each month.”

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Back To The Basics

During these tougher economic times, many of us are faced with decisions of what, and how, we need to cut back on in order to help pay for the rising costs of necessities such as food, clothing and shelter.

Talk shows such as Oprah, Dr. Phil and a host of others, are frequently discussing this current “economic crisis”, bringing in experts and other guests to help show us how to pay down our debt load, create a budget, and save money. Many of them have very helpful suggestions and tips, and just so long as we are all able to get our “egos” out of the way, many of us will weather this storm and come out shining. We may also discover we can live very well just getting back to some basics and common sense thinking. By changing a few habits and limiting spending on non-essential items, many of us will overcome these recent hurdles that have been placed in front of us.

One way for us to save money is by becoming more aware of our diet and what we eat. Due to the hectic lifestyles we have developed over the years, we have become too reliant on quick and easy packaged and processed foods. Just “pop them in the microwave” we’re told for a “quick and delicious” meal. Looks good and sounds great, right? Wrong. Not only are these quick foods expensive but they also lack a lot of the essential nutrients we need to maintain good health and wellness. And eating out at fast food restaurants regularly can not only put a huge load on our pocket book, but also a huge load on our health due to the absence of necessary nutrients we need to sustain life.

We can however eat very healthy without breaking the bank, by taking a few simple steps and getting back to some basics. By planning our meals ahead of time, sticking to our shopping list, brown bagging it for lunch (try a healthy sandwich on wholegrain bread and a few extra veggies), and having our family get involved at mealtime, we not only save money and get healthy but also encourage valuable family time together.

Perhaps it’s time to reconsider our approach to eating and get back to basics by looking at the nutritional benefits food provides. Our ancestors received their nutrition from whole food sources grown in chemical and pesticide free soil. Their vegetables, fruits, and grains were grown in nutrient rich soil containing minerals and enzymes. Although it’s a little more difficult today to find foods that are as nutrient dense as they used to be, it is still vitally important to get a complete balance of healthy foods the way nature intended, and one way is to supplement our diet with live whole-food nutritional products.

For over a quarter century, AIM has produced superior whole-food powder concentrates and nutrient-based health supplements to support a healthy lifestyle. An all-natural green barley juice concentrate, AIM BarleyLife® provides the nutrition we need to build a strong foundation for good health, vitality and wellness. While helping to provide the daily nutrition we need for good health, adding AIM BarleyLife® to our diet can be very cost effective and inexpensive. And that is, most definitely, one way for us to get back to the basics.

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Sunday, March 8, 2009

What's Up Doc?

It is well known that carrots are a healthy food. We enjoy them in a variety of ways. They are often cut up and boiled or steamed, and are usually used in soups and stews. They also make a terrific snack for dipping. Their sweet taste and crunchy texture are a favourite among children and adults alike.

Although characteristically bright orange in colour, the carrot has a darker history then we may know. Dating back about 5000 years, the carrot’s wild ancestor was a tough fleshed, pungent root plant. They were once small, very thin, purple, red and even black taproots with an unpleasant bitterness to them. It is believed that the ancients used the root for medicinal purposes rather than eating them and some even discarded the root in favour of using the leaves and flowers for cooking.

It wasn’t until the 1500’s when Dutch agriculturalists used a mutant yellow carrot seed from North Africa to develop a carrot in the colour of the House of Orange, the Dutch Royal Family. They began experiments on improving the pale yellow varieties by cross breeding them with red varieties. These varieties contain beta-carotene, which produce the orange coloured roots. This is the wonderful sweet carrot we have come to know today.

Baby carrots appeared in the marketplace in the late 1980’s. There are two types of baby carrots. The “true” baby carrot, which are grown to the “baby stage”, and the “manufactured” baby carrots, which are the ones we see the most of at the grocery store. “Manufactured” baby carrots were invented by a California farmer by the name of Mike Yurosek as a way of making use of carrots that were too knobbly or twisted for sale as full-sized carrots. Unhappy at having to discard tonnes of carrots daily due to their imperfections, Yurosek looked for a way to reclaim what would otherwise be a waste product. By using an industrial green been cutter and an industrial potato peeler, he created the baby carrot.

Carrots are an excellent source of antioxidant compounds, which help protect against cancer and cardiovascular disease. They contain important nutrients such as alpha- and beta-carotene, vitamins B and C, plus calcium, iron and potassium.

Beta-carotene is one of about 600 similar compounds called carotenoids, which are present in many fruits and vegetables. Of all the carotenoids, beta-carotene is known for its efficient conversion to vitamin A. Plant sources that are rich in beta-carotene include potatoes, spinach, mango, cantaloupe, kale, and tomatoes, but the highest source of beta-carotene may be found in raw carrots, steamed carrots, and carrot juice.

The body changes beta-carotene found in these foods into vitamin A, which is important in strengthening the immune system and promoting healthy cell growth. Vitamin A also plays an important role in vision by helping to maintain the mucosal linings of the eyes, and is required for the transduction of light into nerve signals in the retina.

Carrot juice has also become very popular as a health drink either on its own or blended with fruits and other vegetables. Fresh fruit and vegetable juices are rich in enzymes that spark the hundreds of thousands of chemical reactions that occur throughout the body. Enzymes are essential for the digestion and absorption of food, for conversion of foodstuffs into body tissue, and for the production of energy at the cellular level.

AIM Just Carrots® is made from 100 percent natural carrot juice crystals with only the fiber removed. The powder is concentrated 25 times, which means that 25 pounds of raw carrots are used to make one pound of AIM Just Carrots® powder. The caplets are formed from the powder.

With its natural form of beta-carotene, AIM Just Carrots® is 100% natural with no added sugar that provides the nutrition we need to develop a strong foundation for good health.

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By providing our bodies with the nutrition it needs, through proper diet and supplementation, and supporting a healthy lifestyle, we can avoid having to say…What’s Up Doc?